Move dynamics with notes

One of the features I love in Dorico is the insert mode, and its ability to add or remove time in the middle of a piece.
The only frustrating thing is that when doing so, only the notes are moved and not the dynamics.
Am I missing something? Or is there a “move dynamics with notes” option somewhere?

Steps to reproduce:

  • select a rest in the middle of a piece
  • with the insert mode on, hit delete
  • the music that was on the right side of the rest has been moved, but not the dynamics


IIRC This is a known situation described in an earlier thread.

ah OK, so this is like a bug?

No, it’s not a bug: you can make dynamics move with the notes if you enter them attached to a specific voice (use Alt+Enter rather than Enter to confirm the popover, or Alt+click instead of just regular click to place them from the panel), but by default dynamics apply to the instrument as a whole rather than just a single voice. Insert mode affects everything in the same voice, so the dynamics will only move with the notes if they are in the same voice.

Are there any other gotchas with insert mode? I sometimes find that later music gets out of sync when there are multiple rest bars in between. This has happened even when the following bar (with music in) has been fine.
I suspect operator error…

Perhaps the music later on in the staff, following the rests, is in another voice? Insert mode will only insert time in the current voice.

Usually I insert ‘time’ before inserting notes. This should solve the voice problem? Other staves stay in sync and the music immediately after is in sync. I’ve noticed it if there are then bars rest before the next music in the stave in which I’ve inserted music.
I’m probably doing something silly selection-wise.

thanks Daniel! that makes sense now

is there a way to re-assign to a specific voice dynamics that have already been entered with the default setting? There is a pretty long section with tones of dynamics, and I hope I don’t have to re-write everything!

I am not noticing any “out of sync” issues with the insert mode, unless obviously you remove a note in a part/voice and not in all parts/voices

Just wanted to add that this option is really fantastic. It totally changes the way I’m approaching composition with a notation software. It is way more flexible and fun than with the other softwares. Thanks Daniel and your team for the hard work, Dorico is awesome!

Unfortunately I don’t think you can currently cut the dynamics and then paste them into a specific voice, but that would be a useful operation for Dorico to have in the future.

It seems to be possible to ‘paste into voice’ a series of dynamics? But dynamics don’t (seem to) move with insert, regardless of voice?

a [copy/paste dynamics to a specific voice] would be a great feature especially when using the insert mode on music that has already been entered with the default setting
another idea would be to be able to change the default setting: assign dynamics to instrument - assign dynamics to voice x

I definitely feels that some improvements on such a functionality could be a life saver (or at least a huge time saver!)… I went crazy last night when I had to move by hand all dynamics (AND tempo markings) after changing a few bars at the beginning of my last piece :smiley:

BTW, I like this idea!