Move Flows from Page to Page, or Frame to Frame (4 Flows on 1 Farame)


I’m trying to move a top Flow from Page (Frame) 2, to a bottom Flow on Page (Frame) 1. Don’t know how.

On each page is 1 single Frame.
In these 1 Frame are more short Flows.

Dorico distribute automatic the Flows into Frames.
Some times 3, sometimes 4 Flows of same measures into 1 Frame.

How to move Flows to make 4 Flows on 1 Frame, from page 2, to page 1 ?
I do know make split (Flows and Frames), but vice versa don’t work.



Any advice very, very Wellcome.
Thank You all.

Hi @Borutt , moving staves graphically won’t ever prompt Dorico to recalculate how many systems fit on a page like you might be familiar with from other software. That tool is really for your final tweaks to a layout where you’ve already decided which systems appear on each page.

Note that your vertical spacing offsets can get removed if the page number changes - so try to reserve tweaking the staff spacing of individual staves/systems until as late as possible.

To change your casting off -

  • Firstly, check the vertical spacing settings for the layout and adjust them to your requirements if needed. You’ll probably enjoy working Dorico better in general if you get familiar with its “top level” options that control the appearing and layout of music.

  • Secondly, use “make into frame” and/or frame breaks to force material into the same frame (the big blue music frame that mostly fills pages by default). There’s a note on that linked page that explains how this works, so you can also create the same effect by activating the named property for existing or individual frame breaks.

You may in general find this Discover Dorico session on staff spacing useful -

Also be sure to check in Layout Options/Page Setup/Flows for New flows to “Allow on existing page.” If it’s set for “Always start new page” that is exactly what you are getting now.

I have enabled new flows to “Allow on existing page".

I have Flow 1 on page 3 and Flow 2 on page 4.

For reasons of ‘turn page’, I need to take the first system of Flow 2 at the end of page 3 (Flow 1).
I choose for ‘make into frame’ - the first system of Flow 2 is put at the end of page 3 - as wished…BUT the Flow title of Flow 2 disappeared. It’s NOT above the 1st system of Flow 2 (which now is at the end of page 3 - nor it is somewhere on page 4 - it’s just not there anymore !

What now?

You’ll need to remove the page override on the page where the flow heading is missing. Flow headings won’t be added to pages that already have overrides.

Cool. Thanx so much. That made the job :smiley: