Move graphics frame to another page

Can I cut a graphics (or text) frame from one page, then paste to another? I decided to reformat my project, but it looks like I need to recreate the non-music frames to move them across page boundaries.

You won’t need to do this if you are placing the graphic or text frame on one of the master pages. This confused me as well in my earlier days with D. Dorico allows you to either edit master pages, or individual pages. Sometimes I would get confused because I thought I was setting up my master page with defaults that didn’t stay, but what I was doing inadvertently was editing an individual page.

To make sure you are actually editing a master page, double click either the First or Default page icon in the Master Pages section in Engrave mode. It’s a little more obvious now in Dorico 1.2 because you have the gray border along the top that says “Editing Master Page”, “Copy Page Layout L-R R-L”, and “Close Master Page Editor”.

By contrast, if you are editing an individual page (which I think is what you did), you would have enabled Frame Editing and start adding text, graphic, or music frames. You would not see that gray border section at the top. And these edits would only pertain to this particular page!

Currently Dorico does not allow you to copy and paste frames from one page to another, but this would be handy.

Bottom line - if you want to have a consistency for each page as in a graphic appearing, make sure you place that graphic in one of the master pages (i.e. Default), and not on an individual page.

In fact you can copy and paste frames from one page to another: select the frame you want to copy, then select the page(s) to which you want the frame to be added in the Pages panel on the right-hand side in Engrave mode, right-click, and choose the appropriate option from the context menu.

This doesn’t work for me. I select a textframe in one layout (clicking the green border so it gets thicker), select a page in another layout, right click it and select “copy selected frame to selected pages”.
I must be doing something wrong… - nothing happens…

I’m pretty sure this only works within one layout.