Move left and right locator together for auditioning and editing "next part" using a rotary button on a midi controller


I was using a Panorama P1 as midicontroller. There was a function in the transport menu where I was able to move the “loop” left and right with a rotary button. My panorama called that . Both Left and Right locators move turning that knop and I was able to move through my whole project for auditioning and editing the different parts of my project.
Now I’m switching to another controller and I am trying to program that function in that other controller.
Result for now:
I can move 1 locator per rotary button and only 64 bars max from first bar in project window.
I cannot (read: “I don’t know how or if”) move 2 locators with 1 rotary button even if I give both functions the same button.

What is the “moving the ” function called in “studio setup / remote devices”
How can I move more than 64 bars?



Hi and welcome,

From the Key Commands, you can use Nudge > Loop Range Left and Nudge > Loop Range Left. The very same way you can assign it to a Generic Remote Device:
Command > Nudge > Loop Range Left
Command > Nudge > Loop Range Right

Now the question is, how to assign this to your controller. This is just a “button”, so you should trigger it this way. It seem on P1 it was solved so that the controller itself sent just Inc/Dec value(s), not the specific value. So if the value incremented (you moved the encoder clock-wise), the Loop Range Right function has been triggered and vice versa. The question is, if you can do the same with your current controller.

The question is, if you can do the same with your current controller… (good question, It seems I have to combine multiple function together in 1 knob)

Dear Martin

Many thanks! This helps me finding the right direction for this :wink: although my issue is still not completely solved. Now I have as you predicted, 2 rotary buttons. 1 to move the loop locators left (independend on which direction I turn the knob ) and the other knob to move both locators right.

I am not limited at 64 bars :slight_smile:

In my previous attemps I was able to move a left or right locator with each one rotary button and was able (not perfect…jumping locators when turning to fast) by turning the knob clockwise (+) or counterclockwise (-)

So I like to combine moving left and right with one knob, with both left and right locators at the same time with the same knob, holding the loop the same lenght.

My new controller is comming tomorrow so I was trying again to fix this on my Akai MPD218 and created in different banks different setupups for the same rotary button. By using nudge, the function is way more solid than my other workaround. (I already sold my panorama)

Is there a way to set up an remote device and create different layers for input signals (on different midi channels??) or by filtering +triggers and -triggers. assigning multiple commands to one rotary knob for nudge left or right…

So I can still use some input…

That button on the panorama is very valuable :wink:

Thanks for any response from anyone on this.


In the Generic Setup, you have to set MIDI Channel of the incoming MIDI Message. So yes, you can use the same MIDI Message (button/knob) with different MIDI Channels for different tasks.

You can also assign one MIDI Message to multiple lines/commands. And you can set Max. Value, so if the incoming value is over, the MIDI Message is ignored. Unfortunately you cannot set the Min Value.

Thanks man! Good information. Your suggestion helped me finding my perfect solution :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It works !

My new controller arrived, a icon platform nano, macky control.
I used the nudge loop left and right on my to arrow buttons in the user assignable bank
I have a separate rotory knob for both the left and right locator (and both move left and right in the way I want, no jumping! :slight_smile:)

EDIT: when working with eq or something else, the locators move with the fequency and volume. Not ideal. I will move them to another controller :slight_smile:

Then I have 2 push buttons to enter (by nummeric pad on keyboard) the location for left or right locator.

I added two screenshot of my working setup for this.
Adding multiple commands to a controller knob might be usefull :slight_smile:. I was just thinking and trying. A shame it’s not possible to enter a min value :frowning: :wink:
(So that input was welcome as well :wink: thanks man. I was optimizing this for 3 years :stuck_out_tongue: