Move Licences from Android to Ipad

I’ve bought a licences of Cubasis 3 on March this year trough Google Play but it has a lot of problems even on a Samsung tablet. I recently bought an iPad but I found no where information on how to move de licene.
Can some one from support help?

Hi giordano,
Unfortunately Cubasis on Android cannot be transferred to iPad, they both have different operating system’s, Cubasis iOS also has far more features and third party plugins available, so you will have to purchase a new version of Cubasis 3 from the App Store plus any IAP you may have already purchased for your Android version.
Hope this helps🙂

Hi @giordano,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis for iOS is distributed through the Apple App Store, Cubasis for Android/Chrome OS is distributed through the Google Play Store.

The two stores don’t interrelate and don’t offer any crossgrade options, which means that to own any app on both iOS and Android/Chrome OS, it must be purchased on both stores, unfortunately.

Hope that helps!