Move locators to cursor position while maintaining a fixed range - possible?

I know we can set the left/right locator position to cursor, but I’m talking about whether the locator as a fixed range can be commanded to start at the cursor position?

If using the ‘left locator to cursor’ option, this won’t maintain the fixed range of the existing locators.

Use case: trying to build a macro that can automatically insert silence of locator range duration, but at a new cursor position.

Hi, I’m not aware of such out-of-the-box process, however there are two ways to workaround things.

I always use the commands Nudge→Loop Range Left/Right in order to move the range to the position I want. I know this is not the same as your request but it’s a way to do things.

There is a second option by using MIDI Remote scripting:

The API exposes the cursor position plus the cycle left/right positions, while giving us the option to set the time of these three host values. Thus we can calculate the cycle duration, and when setting the left locator (to the cursor position as requested), set the right locator to (cursor position)+(calculated time of range).


Thank you, second option seems a bit too complex, maybe I’ll try to make the first option work

The unfortunate thing is the loop range nudge does not have an option to nudge by the locator range length irrespective of the main nudge setting.

Talking maybe about the grid type? I have shortcuts to grid types, so when I want to nudge the range I immediately set the grid type to Bar.

Nudge amount can link to grid setting or be independent.

I can’t remember right now but I’ll check and see if there’s a locator range length option, I don’t think so.