Move midi AND part? Missing something?

I must be missing something here, maybe a preference somewhere. Also, I tried searching the forum for this, but I think the terms were so basic it kept ignoring things like midi and part… if there’s a topic out there, my apologies.

Also, i’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of “Events” and “Parts” which seemingly are independent from midi information… just odd to me, but whatever, it’s what it is. sorry if I misuse the terminology here…

Anyways, So here’s the problem I have that hopefully someone can give me a lightbulb moment for:

Say I am editing some midi in my in-place editor. I realize I want this little midi thing I recorded to move to my cursor. (say it’s something like 10 bars away)

So I put my cursor where I want the midi to hit. Select the midi. Hit my KC “Move to Cursor”. It moves the midi to the cursor. GREAT! YAY! … but for some reason, the Event stayed in the same place!!! what!!!.. making my moved midi notes greyed out and they actually won’t play. So now I have to take my Event and drag it over to where I put my cursor. ahhhh now it plays and I can see it…

my question is WHAT??? WHY!!! is there a preference where when I move any midi that the event/part that it’s in follows?! or at least extends to that area? seems like that should be the default, as I cannot think of a single reason why you would want to move midi around, but then not be able to hear it or see it…



Not a pref. You moved the midi events outside the part. The in-place editor shows the entire track, and the parts are delineated by a different background.

It’s a hierarchy: midi events, like notes, go inside parts. Parts go on tracks.

so if i’m understanding this correctly, moving/copying midi from one place to another is a 2 step process…

  1. you move the midi events

  2. you then have to resize the pre-existing part to encompass your moved midi events


Also, btw - thank you for helping me with these probably very noobie questions. you’ve answered a lot of my thread questions and I really appreciate it! I’m in the middle of a project and it’s things like this that make me wonder… am I doing something wrong?!

Thanks again,


The in-place editor is limited in function compared to the Key Editor.

I would suggest closing the in-place editor so you can see the parts on the track, and use the Key Editor to edit midi. Also maybe read up on that stuff in the manual, it really is a worthy manual, in spite of the bashing it sometimes receives.

You can glue parts together with the glue tool, or you could just have a midi part for the entire length of the track.

Your welcome :wink:

Thanks! And yes, I have that sucker opened at all times on my computer. It’s really helpful and I love I can search the PDF of it. Sometimes it doesn’t quite answer my questions/workflow ideas that I encounter, therefore I end up here :slight_smile: