Move MIDI notes from one part to another & preserve location

I was wondering, can a guru or gurus chime in and help me with this small problem.

I am using Cubase 7.07 and loving it very much, in particular I am enjoying the ultimate stability of tempo editing in the Project page, whilst a project is playing (world first I believe for a DAW) and while I am completely enthralled by the ability to see what Chords I am writing; when I want to say change some Glokenspeil notes to a Celeste (obviously from a higher to lower range) the notes never end up in the same place.

It may not be a big deal to move them again with a high precision track ball but it is rather annoying to not have some kind of a “move” function between MIDI parts that preserves the original location of the notes in terms of where they are time wise.

Cheers musicians,

I have never used v7 as I jumped right to v7.5 but unless I am not understanding you, just highlight the notes you want from the Glock, go to EDIT and COPY. Then click on the Celeste track and go to EDIT, Functions and click PASTE AT ORIGIN.

That’s how I get notes to other tracks and they are exactly in the same location as the original location.


Are you’re paste-ing from one MIDI track to another?

If so, what works for me is to cut the section to be copied with the scissor tool & then have the cursor placed right where I want to paste that copied section onto the new or existing track.

I’ve also just been able to drag & drop from one track to another, [but can’t remember if the cursor also has to be in place as above].

Just use the range tool/function.