Move midi record cycle to top position

I’m recording a few bars of drums seeking the best of several loops (takes). My Midi record is set to New Parts/Stacked. I can’t seem to find a way to select which take is on top and thus audible.

I has been years since I last did this. I recall right clicking on the lane and then selecting the top audible event. I searched the manual for “stacked” and never found a clear example of my issue. I did find the visible lanes button but nothing on defining the top/audible take.
Often when searching the manual for any random topic I find it hard to determine what term to search for that will find the topic of interest. Perhaps stacked was not the best language option.



Try, Shift “U”(Unmute ) and “M” (mute)

I could use a bit more details. Are you saying that if I mute the top level, it gets demoted to another level, and another level is then on top? So, if I have five takes, I must mute a few times until the correct take is now on top?
Thanks for the input.

OK this is now getting very weird. I recorded ten takes of these midi drum parts. It played back fine.
I exposed the show lanes. I then deleted only Take1. The other 9 takes are still present. Now, I have no input into Groove Agent Samples. If I trigger a drum via GA, it plays fine. None of the notes in the midi part are reaching GA. I even moved Take2 into the now empty Take1 lane. I tried the solo buttons on various takes but no output into GA where my samples are located. Yet touching a drum in GA produces audio.
I even tried moving one take onto the GA lane, but still no audio. Arggg…

Select Lane you want to hear and press SHIFT “U”.

Thanks but that does nothing. After deleting Take1 I have no input into Groove Agent. I even deleted the instance and added it back in and remembered to map the lane into GA. Nothing zilch.

I will try recording again. It is not like I’m doing something hard. Very frustrated at this point.

You have said you have 9 takes if you delete 1 you have 8 remaining.
All you need to is to unmute (Shift/U) the line you want to hear

I selected Take7 and ShiftU had no effect.
I selected Take8 and ShiftU had no effect.
Your first instructions were simple and clear to follow.

It seems I was selecting the Lane. I should have selected the midi parts NOT the Lane. Whew. Thank YOU!