Move Multiple Markers - can't change amount to move by

Not a big Wavelab user & mostly stay in the shallow end of the pool - so ya know, use small words.

I had a Montage with Track Markers all setup that ended up being too long to burn to a CD so I’m splitting it into 2 discs. Doing disk 1 was pretty simple - just delete some clips on the end and also the Markers that go with them. But I’m having a problem setting up the Montage for disc 2.

Similar to the 1st disc I deleted the clips and their Markers from the start of the Montage - leaving the remaining clips to begin at 0s. But those clips’ Markers are still out at the end, 30 or so minutes later than they should be. So I fire up Move Multiple Markers and in “Move Markers by This Amount” field I enter the negative value of the 1st Markers current position. This should move it to the 0s position & bring along the other Markers at their relative position. But when I execute, it looks like nothing got moved. After poking around I figured out that everything was moved by -4mn.

When I open the Move dialog the default amount shown is -4mn. But it turns out when I edit the field to be another value it reverts back to -4mn as soon as focus is changed from the field. I can’t find anyway to change this to any other value.

This may or may not be off topic but have you considered making sure the markers are bound to each clip so that when you move the clips, the markers follow along? This seems like a safer and more logical solution.

The problem is that the time is limited to ± 4 min.
No good reason for this limit, I will change this.

I initially tried this but the Markers didn’t move with the clips. Quite possible I didn’t do it correctly and the Markers weren’t really bound to the clips. Is there any visual indicator for when they are bound?

Ahh, that explains things. Knowing this I just kept applying -4mn until the first Marker was less than 4mn after the start. Then one final smaller adjustment got me to 0. Thanks.

You must make sure that the clip you want the marker linked to is highlighted (it’s not automatically the nearest, for instance). When you link it the marker name is then prefixed with a symbol indicating what the marker is bound to (clip edge, waveform). The linkage is also shown in the markers tab.


Well that makes sense. I hadn’t even considered the possibility that you could bind to a clip at a distance.