move multiple splice markers in audio montage


is it possible to move all the splice markers on a single track in an audio montage 100 ms back? I mean move them all at the same time?

I dont want to move the start and end markers.

And one more question: if I have used the function “quantize CD markers to nearest cd frame”, but I later regret that, and want the markers to go back to each clip beginning, how do I do that? :S

For your first question, yes. Find the “Move Multiple Markers” option in the Marker tab under the Functions menu. See the two attachments for visual help. There are a few different options so check both images.

For the second question, I’m not sure but I don’t think so. You’d have to manually put them back or perhaps delete all markers and use the CD Wizard to create markers again at the clip starts. You would of course lose all the CD-Text/ISRC entries for the markers. Maybe somebody else will know of a better way.

Step 2.png

Thanks!! Worked fine!