Move my license from computer 1 to computer 2

Hi there,

My ‘computer 1’ has crashed. Now, I need to write arrangements and are looking for a way to de-license that computer so I can license my ‘computer 2’ for Dorico 3.5.

Anyone a clue on how to do that?

Thanks so much! :smiley:

Please see here:

Hi , Thank you so much, but I’m not able to get it to work that way. :pensive:

Is there another way for it to get it done?

What is happening when you try? Where in the process are you encountering a problem?

Well, I fire up de eLicenser on computer 2 but do not see my license for computer 1

When I use my activation code, it says, of course, it can only be used once

That’s all as expected. You need to follow the steps provided in the article above. Please try again! In particular, please carefully follow the steps shown under the heading How to reactivate step by step.

Have you perhaps not registered your existing eLicenser in MySteinberg? That’s the first thing to do. Go to your original computer and write down the serial number of the eLicenser shown in the left-hand panel in eLicenser Control Center, and then go to MySteinberg and register your software.

The procedure for registering your eLicenser is described here:

Yes! I would if i could. That machine has crashed! Not possible anymore!

In that case you will need to contact our support team for assistance. Please raise a ticket here. I will send you a temporary license that you can use on your new computer to get you back up and running in the meantime.

Wow! Thanks for that solution. That would be great! I already filed a ticket in the meantime. :wink: