move notes in engrave mode

I occasionally need to move a note or two, go to
engrave mode and enable move notes. It displays boxes next to notes, etc.
when I highlight a box it changes color but does not move. what am I doing wrong?

It seems like there is always something else with this program; but I am hooked to it
100%, now. I guess once one tastes chocolate there is no going back.

How are you moving it? IIRC you do not drag the note: you should use ALT plus the ARROW KEYS (and another of the modifier keys–CTRL+ALT–to make larger moves).

Also, you move the box, not the note(s). One box may move a whole vertical column of notes on several staves, which is what you want if you are trying to change the gap between adjacent items (e.g. the key signature and the music on the staff).

Not surprising since the Team continues to add new features–and three cheers for that. :smiley:

did manage to stumble into the use of the alt key to move the box a bit after my post (seems
to always the case; maybe a little impatient. this is a chorus and orch piece, lots of notes and for
whatever reasons, occasionally the spacing obvious is messed up. does work, if not with difficulty because
of the size of the work and number of notes and overlapping rhythms, but does work. thanks, all.

Dear burtonbeerman,

Did you try to reduce the Default space for crotchet/quarter note to 3 1/2 ? This setting is in Layout options | Note Spacing category. Or try reducing space size in Layout options | Page Setup. I do not find it normal to go and move notes in Engrave mode — this should be done only in case of extreme necessity, or for an unusual placement :wink:
Hope it helps

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Thank you Marc! Worked like a charm. (Immediate engraving serotonin boost.)

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You should try “note spacing change” in the Engrave menu, another game changer :wink:
Sooo useful especially when you have very different bars in the same system (say, a very crowded bar full of 16th notes, and a bar with a half note and rests…)
My 2 cents for 2021