Move notes of one Percussion Kit instrument to another


after MusicXML import, a drum instrument that was “closed hihat” in Cubase wound up as “ride cymbal” in Dorico. How do I move (all) the notes from the “ride cambal” instrument to the “closed hihat” instrument in the Percussion Kit in one go in Dorico?

I tried selecting the notes in the Play mode editor, but I can’t find a way to (1) select all events of a drum kit instrument in a single operation, nor (2) move selected events by mouse to a different instrument, nor (3) cut (works…), then paste (does not work) to a different Percussion Kit instrument.

I’m new to Dorico, and that probably shows… :unamused:


You can move single notes to different instruments with Alt+Up/Down.
If you want to move all the notes in one go, you could remove that particular instrument from the kit, which makes it a separate instrument of the same player. Then you can change the instrument and add it to the kit again.

But maybe there’s a better way from within the kit editor…?

Here’s a better way: choose single staff presentation in Layout Options > Players > Percussion. Then you can easily copy/cut and paste.

The Play mode piano roll editor is really meant for tweaking individual notes for playback, not for this sort of global editing. Try fkretlow’s suggestions in Write mode instead.

Or to put that a different way, Cubase is built around MIDI data with an add-on staff notation option, but Dorico is built around staff notation with an add-on MIDI editor.

Edit the Drum Kit from Setup mode.
Select the Ride Cymbal within the Kit Editor, then click the Change Instrument button at the bottom of the dialog.
Type Hi into the search, then select HiHat from the list and hit OK.

I knew I was missing something! :slight_smile: