Move On -

I recently moved to Nashville and got a hankering to re record an old song of mine.

My friend Rick Lonow played drums and I did the rest.

Used 4 mics on the drums
Played my stratocaster for guitar parts into a Goodsell mk3 amp
Ibanez Bass
Sm7 for vocals
Cubase 8 MR816x

I saw Rick at 3rd and lindsley performing the other night with my Friend laura mcghee on fiddle for John Carter Cash. This is a killer track again you guys cut :slight_smile:

Thanks Kenny.

Rick and I are playing at Browns diner this Tuesday.

Hey, so glad you’re back. Another fabulous track. Simple yet rich. Mix sounds great to me. Recently met a guy in your neighborhood named Guthrie Trapp. What a player. You remind me of him – clean, clear, every note counts.

Beautiful tone, phrasing, chordal soloing, self-restraint - that’s some lovely guitarring! How do you record your amp?


Lovely track and as always…great lyrics… :slight_smile:

good groove, good tune ,good lyrics. good guitar. :sunglasses: