Move or fix instrument change

I’m preparing a percussion part that switches between vibraphone and snare. Dorico Pro 4 (MacOS) automatically creates the instrument change, but in doing so is hiding the dynamics because they automatically link to the following bar when created.

Ideally I’d like to just move the instrument change. Is there a way to do that? Searching the forum looks like this still isn’t possible. Is there a good workaround to force it to move?

Even better, is there a setting to make dynamics at the end of hairpins appear in and attach to the bar they’re created in rather than automatically attaching to the following bar? I usually prefer to have them just before the barline anyway. I haven’t found anything in engraving.

Any advice or solutions would be appreciated! I’ve attached screenshots from Write and Engrave to show the missing piano dynamic. This situation will probably occur 50-100 times in this score so I may just put the snare on the 5-line vibraphone staff if I can’t figure something out.

You could add a chord symbol region in the vibes staff up to the point where you want the instrument change to happen. One caveat is that this will break a multimeasure rest.


I don’t know of a setting, but it is easy to use shift-alt-left to shorten the dynamic. It will move by the grid setting.
(If your dynamics are linked between instruments, you might want to unlink the one you are moving)

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I’m afraid there are definitely a few rough edges in this area of the program. You should find that if you select the piano marking and move it leftwards in Write mode, it will look as you expect: I recommend setting the rhythmic grid to the smallest possible resolution before you do so, to move it as little as possible.

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Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate it.
I’d completely forgotten about shift+alt+left. That will work well and I’m glad to be reminded that that exists.