Move or Rearrange Tracks/Channels in the Mix Console

It seems like such a simple function that is still eluding this powerful and comprehensive program. I would think that it would be a no brainer to have this incorporated into the program and I can’t be the only one that is annoyed that it isn’t there. It is a hassle and inconvenience to have to go to the edit screen to move my tracks around (especially when I have the track hidden in the edit screen but visible in the mix console such as group tracks and FX tracks.) I would like to see an option that would allow you to link the tracks between the edit and mix screen so that they move on both screens to the desired location together and an option that will allow you to unlink them so that you have the tracks ordered the way you want them in both the edit screen and in the mix console separate of each other. Other daws are doing it, why can’t Cubase? It would speed up workflow immensely. Please Steinberg, add this to your list of things to do before you add something that maybe benefits half your users and not all your users! Thank you for your consideration in adding this in an upcoming update.