Move Padshop Pro licence

Hi, I seem to be having some issues with Steinberg support on this.

I have a license for Padshop Pro that is attached to a USB dongle licenser. That license is now unused now that I have upgraded to Cubase 10.5 Pro which includes Padshop 2.

I would like to move that license to another machine.

Is there any way to copy a license from a USB donge to a software eLicense?

I think you’d need a second physical USB e-licenser dongle to do that. £19 + delivery in the Steinberg shop.

are you saying I have to buy a second dongle, copy that license to that dongle, and then move that dongle to the other computer and carry it around?

i would prefer to not have to use a dongle and just use software elicencer on the laptop. i dont like the USB sticking out. I just use dongle on the desktop that is stationary.

i dont get it. i am pretty sure when i bought and installed padshop pro, it was on a software elicencer.

i then at a later date bought the USB dongle in order to use Cubase Pro.

Did when I ran maintenance on the eLicencer ,did it move the software liceneses to the dongle automatically?

Contact Steinberg support

Once licence is copied to USB dongle, it cannot be copied to Soft-licencer, not on main computer, not transfered through second USB-licencer to any other computer. That’s the reason we use dongle - antipyracy.

And I have the same situation as you. When I was on Elements 8.5, I bought Padshop, then upgraded to Padshop Pro. Then upgraded to Cubase 9.5 Pro and had the same Padshop Pro. Now I upgraded to Cubase 10.5 which have new Padshop 2 and I want my Padshop Pro licence transfered to my son’s computer. It’s difficult. Right now I’m waiting for support from Steinberg. I will post here if we found a solution.

I have Cubase Pro 10.5 on a desktop; after that upgrade, the USB eLicenser in the desktop had a now redundant “Padshop Pro Extension” license on it.

On my laptop I have Cubase Artist 10; when I transferred the “Padshop Pro Extension” to the USB eLicenser in the laptop, I then had Padshop Pro on the laptop. The transfer of the “Padshop Pro Extension” license to the laptop enabled the Pro version of Padshop.

N.B. You can transfer licenses between USB eLicensers, but not from a USB eLicenser to a Soft eLicenser.
USB <–> USB = OK
Soft → USB = OK
USB → Soft = NOT OK

If your son’s laptop has a USB eLicenser you can transfer the “Padshop Pro License” by just putting both USB eLicensers temporarily on the same internet-connected computer and running the eLicenser Control Center to do the transfer (just drag & drop). If your son’s laptop only has a Soft eLicener, then you would have to purchase a USB eLicenser and after the transfer, that USB eLicenser has to stay in the laptop in order to use Padshop Pro. It would work without the USB eLicenser, but you would only have the (non-Pro) version of Padshop.

I still strongly feel we should still be able to “re-activate” a Padshop Pro 1" license via the Steinberg web site. As mentioned, now that Steinberg amalgamated the old Padshop Pro 1 product into Padshop2, those of us that bought a Padshop Pro 1 license and then upgraded out Cubase 10.x to the lastest version kind of got screwed over. We are able to re-activate Cubase LE and use it on a mobile laptop without having to worry about a USB dongle getting broken off in a coffee shop. But if we want to use PadshopPro, we have to buy a new USB licencer just to use Padshop on the another machine.

My setup is, Cubase Pro and all my other stuff is on my main desktop at home that has the USB licenser. I use the laptop to experiment and put together Cubase templates using Cubase LE on a laptop that has the software licnese only.