Move Part Of Multi-song Project To New Folder

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to move the individual songs out of a multi-song project.

For tracking purposes and time issues I had to track 14 songs in a single project with tempo changes for each song. Any ideas as how I can move each song, with it’s corresponding audio files only, to a new project for mixing?

The only other option is to copy the entire project multiple times, delete the unnecessary files and save each song individually.

Thanks in advance,


The way I do it is this:
Save the project as “All songs”. Then, use the locators to wrap the other songs in the timeline you want to get rid of and do a “Delete time” Obviously you would leave a single song in the timeline after you finish the operation. Save this as “Song Name”. Optimize the pool without deleting any files, then choose “Backup project” and choose a new folder titled the song name.

Save and backup the main project first so incase you mess up, you’ll have a fallback plan.

Hope that makes sense.

Tom, you are such a star!! Thanks so much for your reply. It works like a charm…


Much appreciated,