Move playhead to middle of audio clip(/event)

Hi there,

I just got my elicenser in the mail so I can finally test out the trial version of Nuendo but I’m already running into a problem I can’t seem to find a quick answer for.
Since I’m coming from Pro Tools I’m very used to having 3 tools in 1 with my mouse.
Now, Im trying to get a quick repositioning of the playhead to listen to a part of an audio clip but I can’t seem to find a quick way, except by ór clicking on the top of the screen on the timebar, ór by selecting a different tool (9 on keyboard) and then after selecting that turning that off again (1 on the keyboard)

Is there any way to be able to reposition the playhead by clicking on the clip without having to select other tools, like possible in any other DAW?

coming from PT as well :wink:

1 - is kind of the “Hand Tool” + “Trim Tool”
2 - is the Selector (Range) Tool
9 - would be scrub

So, since there is no multi tool (actually i never ever used it on PT), just hit “2” and work with the RANGE TOOL almost 90% of the time. Use “1” for trimming with the mouse (actually, who does this :question: ) or to move stuff around.
With the RANGE TOOL you can click like in PT an the playhead will jump to the location …


But you have to be in Edit Mode…or use “play from selection start” instead of normal play.


right, you have to be in “Edit Mode” …
actually, is there a moment that someone shouldn’t be in “Edit Mode” ?

I really don’t have fully understood why there is that option anyways…
“Edit Mode” acts like a DAW should, and “non Edit Mode” just makes no sense at all (for me) :wink:

Well, allow me to disagree with that.
Tell me, how do you drop a Sound Effect (Taking from a SFX Libary) in the correct place?
Knowing that most of the SFX do have some amount of silence before the actual start of the SFX.

Yes, you can adjust the sync point …
Yes, some editors trim the start of the SFX to the sync point before dropping it into place …
But even then, it seems to be more work than using the cursor as sync point and dropping/moving the SFX into place right away.


of course you can disagree with me :slight_smile:

But no, sorry i never use any other mode than “Edit Mode” - when i need some fx, some background, some music to start at a certian frame, i first find that frame, open media bay, search the sfx, select the part of it, drop it to the timeline, and then use the nudge KC to place it at the exact frame - roll it back an view it to make sure its fine, adjut using KC - done. I do it like that in PT for over 10 years - fast, and easy…
Without Edit Mode, you don’t see the picture follow - so - useless :wink: !

By the way, Fredo, do you know a solution for:
i am used to enter TCs quit a lot during voice over recording or spotting of FX.
Without the Edit Mode nuendo jumps to that TC (cursor, and the timeline will scroll to the TC position).
In Edit Mode just the cursor jumps to the entered position and the timeline stays at whatever position your are atm - kinda sucks … when i enter a TC i usually want the cursor to be at the entered position and of course show me the correct timeline position what ever MODE i am…

Is there a solution for the EDIT Mode?

Wait, but how do you make a quick cut, crop the second part, shove it back to the first part and make a fade?
With the selection tool (1) there is a nice way to cut by pressing ALT (win) but to review a part of the sample I have to switch between the transport tools?

  1. press “2” on the keyboard to select the range selection tool
  2. find the place where I want to make a cut (click + spacebar, repeat)
  3. presst “1” on the keyboard to select the object selection tool
  4. press ALT to change into the CUT tool
  5. try to make a cut on roughly the same spot as where the playhead is (edit, just found out the playhead disappears when selecting the object selection tool…)
  6. edit the ending and start of the cut
  7. press “2” again to be able to listen to the part you just edited
  8. press “1” again to make slight edits in length
  9. repeat step 7 & 8 until the two new parts line up nicely
  10. press “x” to make a crossfade
    (11. if last selected was “2”, press “1” to be able to edit the crossfade)

This can’t be right :laughing:
What workflow mindset am I missing?
This kind of action is something I do literally hundres of times in a days project and I’m used to be able to do all of the above with just spacebar and ctrl+e to make a cut


For this type of thing you can stay with the range tool (like in PT).

  1. Locate/ click on the location you want to cut (or select a whole part), use (MENU) EDIT>>RAGE>>SPLIT (or a Keycommand for that).
  2. Select the remaing part with the range tool again, click and hold to drag/move it over…
  3. done

    i have made me a KeyCommand set wich is almost like PT (if you want it PM me :wink:)
    In my KC is:
    A = trim head of a clip
    S = trim end of a clip
    D = fade
    F = crosfade
    b = seperate (range tool!)
    and so on… you should be able the edit almost like in PT… and if you have to switch back to PT, you are still at almost the same KCs :wink: !


Only found out about edit mode now. And think it’s an unnecessary additional step. Of course, if you move a clip, you want to see the picture where you drop it. Why do you have to switch mode for that? Why does the playhead disappear in stop mode?

In Logic for example, the cursor stays where it is. When I grab something with the mouse and move, a “temporary” playhead shows me, where the start of the clip is, it shows me the picture and how the clip lines up with other clips. As soon as I let go, the playhead jumps back to the original position. This way I have the best of both worlds. I have the normal playhead AND accuracy as soon as I grab something to move it. Without switching modes all the time. Or where is the particular advantage of this edit mode? I’m puzzled.

+1 gazillion to the power of eternity

As a PT user for many years but now a die hard Nuendo user the problem is when you try to mimic PT behaviour you will bump into issues where the two just don’t work the same way.

I know most old PT to seems prefer to mainly work with the range tool. I don’t. I do most of my editing work with the select tool. I know that many Nuendo & Cubase only users that have never used PT like to use the range tool a lot to. But to me the areas where the programs behave differently is actually what eventually made me change from a mostly range tool based workflow to a select tool workflow.

Today I’m clearly faster using Nuendo than I was after using PT from sound tools to PT8-9 era. Still have and use it when I need to. Not to often these days.

I advice old PT users to try to find their way of editing in Nuendo and not try to mimic the PT way of working.

I’ll stop ranting now and perhaps I can write some actually practically useful comments tomorrow at the studio.

And the non-edit mode is growing on me, slowly. Using edit mode ON has been how I worked most of the time for these first 8 years of Nuendo usage, but I’m seeing quite a few benefits in not having it on as well.

I had the same problem in reverse. I was a Nuendo user for years and had a project that threw me into having to learn Pro Tools. I was really frustrated by Pro Tool’s “limitations”. I quickly learned that I had to approach Pro Tools in a different way and that trying to mimic Nuendo’s functionality was going to be a dead end. after that realization, things went well. I still prefer Nuendo’s way as it is a little faster overall for me.


For me that is it in a Nutshell! We don’t need PT with a Nuendo skin, or Studio One with a Nuendo skin. I could go directly to the original if I wanted PT or S1.

There are things these tools do particularly well and these things should be looked at and, if possible, integrated “the Nuendo way” into Nuendo. We’re all here in Nuendo-land because we like how Nuendo does things differently and - for our personal working style - Nuendo does it better. Otherwise we’d be somewhere else.