Move plugins

My brother have a cubase with an groove agent in his pc. heres the story, my bro will not be home for 2 years, so he said i can work with his cubase, but its not comfortable to me to work from his pc. there’s a way i can to convey the cubase and groove agent to my pc? and +1 more problome, she is not so importent to me, but stil. when i turn on the cubase, i cant hear nothing except from the cubse, even clips in youtube just stop, if u know why, i would like help, but its not urgent. thx

Hi and welcome,

If you are owner of Cubase Pro or Artist, or if your license is stored at the USB-eLicenser, you can install Cubase to other computer. Where is the USB-eLicenser plugged in, you can start and use Cubase.

If you have any other 3rd party plug-ins installed, the licensing is completely on the plug-in vendor side. Some of them are using iLok (different USB dongle), some of them are using Serial Number. But it’s common you can install it to multiple computers (mostly 3).