Move project from iPad to iCloud

I too have noticed that the “Recent” section of dorico hub does not reflect (in real time) the scores I have just worked on. I always move the scores manually from the “Dorico” folder to my created “Dorico-Scores” folder on icloud and open them in place with the files app, or use the load/import score (bottom left in Dorico hub) and search for/load them manually. It would be nice if the recent file list updated quicker, but with ios and icloud who knows if this is even possible.

Unfortunately, I have not had one appear such for me.

I think perhaps if we could just choose the folder from within Dorico (like you can with other apps) this would be much simpler. It need only be a setting, and am sure a simple ‘choose folder’ widget is in the Apple toolkit.

I think what you’re seeing is not a matter of syncing. If Dorico doesn’t find a file where it was the last time, it is simply deleted from the list in the Hub – even if it’s just a matter of the volume not being mounted at the time. When you move a file, the Hub will not follow what you’ve done. In order to get on the list, the file must be opened in that location.