Move/resize an element within a dynamics group

It’s me, doing some XML-import-cleaning-up again…

I imported some files from Finale, and Dorico did a very nice job grouping together dynamics.
Some of the imported things (especially crescendos and decrescendos between dynamic markings) did not start or end at the correct spot,

Is there a way to have a crescendo between p and f, and to only lengthen the crescendo without changing the starting point of the crescendo?

To give a simple example, I have something like this:

I want the crescendo to reach all across from the p to the f.
I try to move it ith Alt+left/right, but that only moves the whole group. Extending it to the right with Shift+Alt+right scales the whole group, moving the starting point of the crescendo.

I know that I can ungroup/unlink everything, but we are talking 25+ players here :wink:

It would be great if we could edit single items within a group somehow.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

There’s no good way around this, AFAIK. Finale shortens the hairpin, and Dorico groups it on import.

I do a lot of XML import from Finale, and I end up deleting and re-inputting all hairpin dynamics. It’s a pain, but it’s worth it IMO.

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Hi, Dan.

It is worth it, of course.

My little hope was that I had overseen some mechanism that would let me leave the linking across staves intact while correcting the imported “accidents”. :wink: