Move rest horizontally

Is it possible to move the rest a little bit horizontally?

The left hand has two voices in beat 2 & 3, so I think the stems of those notes should point outward (voice 1 up-stem, voice 2 down-stem). See screenshot.
Schermafbeelding 2019-09-15 om 21.27.22.png

…and a missing rest in Downstem Voice 1.

Sorry no, it’s historical from a piece from Johann Krieger. You can find those notations often in old music for clavecin, lute or string instruments.

To answer your question directly: you can select the notehead in Engrave mode and change the voice column index to move it slightly, which should avoid the collision.

Rests don’t have a voice column index …

I was suggesting you move the note. Not sure if it works, just a thought.

This is no solution, I want to move the rest. I think it is impossible in Dorico without a workaround.

If you move the note to another voice column, you can graphically adjust the horizontal position of both the note and the rest individually.


Very tricky, thanks Florian :slight_smile:

I can confirm (as I’ve addressed this issue with Daniel directly last year) that we cannot change the voice column index of rests. I quite wish they would allow this, but it is not to be. So, changing the note is what’s necessary, and then nudging around with the circular handles if necessary.

Also, (personal opinion alert!) even as a historic piece, you might want to follow more modern notation conventions. I play a lot of historical music (organist/harpsichordist) and old editions can be very difficult to play from even if they are charming in their own way. Accounting for voices at least within a bar is a good idea. At least for me, my organist brain freaks whenever voices pop in and out of nowhere, totally unaccounted for, unless they are simply extra notes beefing up a chord. Again, my opinion. And if you’re deliberately recreating the old edition as is, then that’s fine.

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