Move rests vertically without the Properties Panel

Is there a way to avoid the Properties panel when I want to move rests vertically? I have a project with many rests to adjust and I find it laborious to activate the rest pos. button each time. Once the button is activated the rests can be moved with Alt-Arrow (which is faster than changing the value in the value field), but it would be much less time consuming to have a short cut for the rest pos. button, or – even better - just select the rest and move it with Alt-Arrow. Is there anything I have overseen?

Rest position is indeed the way to go. Perhaps select all the instances that need adjusting and turn that parameter on for all of them at once and then go back and adjust manually.

Thanks for the suggestion. When selecting more than one rest and turn Rest position on, for some reason it is no longer possible to adjust them with the keybord (Alt-Arrow). Selecting all rests of a selection with Shift+F3 and turn Rest position on sets their value to 0, so I also have to adjust the rests that don’t needed to be changed.

I meant cmd/ctrl clicking on just the affected rests; not selecting literally every rest in the score.

You can create a shortcut to automatically move the rest to whatever position you want. Just add the following line to your kGlobal context in your keycommands file:

“UI.InvokePropertyChangeValue?Type=kRestPositionOnStave&Value=int: 2” : [ “shortcut” ]

The int: number should be the rest position you want, and then enter whatever shortcut you want in the “shortcut” space.

I meant cmd/ctrl clicking on just the affected rests;

Yes, but by selecting more than one rest with cmd/ctrl clicking, it is not possible to use the Alt-Arrow keys, so it’s not really a time saver. Apparantly the Alt-Arrow keys only work with single rests, as long as they are selected in the property panel.

Mentioning the filter for Rests (Shift+F3) was just another idea to select all rests in one go, turn the Rest position parameter on for all of them, and then move the ones you want to have adjusted. But that doesn’t work for the same reason and also resets all rests to value 0.

I wonder why it is not possible to simply select a rest and move it with the Alt-Arrow keys, just as you would when selecting a note and move it up or down. Maybe it has something to do with the restriction, to allow moving rests only in Engrave mode?

Thank you FredGUnn. I will give this a try. Do I get it right: the editing of the keycommands file would require separate shortcuts for all values in question?

Yes, each shortcut would be just for a specific position. I haven’t tried but I would imagine Alt-arrow would work after that though without the additional click in Properties. You could create a couple of shortcuts for your most used positions if you have a lot of them to do in your project, then modify the remaining ones manually rather than create a shortcuts for every position.

There are a few walkthroughs on the forum already about how to edit your keycommands file if you haven’t attempted that yet, just do a search.

The chosen shortcut for the rest position in the edited keycommands file works like a charm, but it needs an click in the properties (up or down arrow of Rest pos.) to use the Alt-arrow keys for further adjustements. To create 10 or more shortcuts and memorize what values belong to which position, seems a little overdressed. But with the shortcut the Rest pos. button is selected already, and with one mouse click the keyboard is ready to go.