Move selected MIDI notes to different MIDI track?

Hi, is there a way to select MIDI notes in one track, and then drag them to another track?

For example, if I record a series of chords in MIDI, and then I want to select the highest voice in each chord and move that top line melody to a new track to be played by a different instrument?

More than likely yes. There are usually many ways to get such things done in Cubase.

Personally, my inclination would be to:

  1. Select the track in the Arrange window, right click and choose “Duplicate Tracks”.

  2. In my new copy get the events I want to keep selected (probably using a logical editor for something like selecting the highest notes in chords).

  3. Invert the selection. [Edit/Select/Invert] (ctrl+alt+i)

  4. Hit the delete key.

If it’s something you do often, you could even build Project and MIDI logical editors to somewhat automate the task, and bind it to a macro.

You can put the two Tracks next to each other and open Edit In-Place on both Tracks to drag between them.

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Genius @raino ! Been struggling with workarounds for this for the last few years and it never even occurred to me. Thank you!

Hey Raino -
Thanks for the tip. I didn’t even know the In-place editor existed! Thanks for illuminating that.

Now what would be even better is if you could drag the midi notes to any MIDI track, even if In-place isn’t open on the destination track, and it would place the MIDI notes in the same time position and same notes. I’m finding it’s tricky when you drag the midi between tracks to make sure the C4 from the source lands on C4 in the destination, unless you’re super zoomed in…

I often find the easiest move is to drag/copy the MIDI Part onto the new Track and delete what you don’t want.

When you Select the Notes you intend to move take note of the Pitch Field on the Info Line. This will show the Pitch of the first note in your selection. After you copy or move these to a new Track, all the Notes will still be Selected. If you happened to copy to the wrong pitches you can just Arrow up or down until the Pitch Field is the same as on the source.

Also plain old Copy and Paste should keep the pitches in the same place. You might also want to explore some of the more special Paste Functions.