'Move Selected Tracks To New Folder'

I -hate- that nomenclature. It’s just not correct for Windows and English

It -should- be:

Create New Folder From Selected Tracks

It may seem small beer but ‘Move’ has a -very- specific connotation. The default use in Windows is to ‘move’ something into a pre-existing folder.

The operation should come first (We’re CREATING a Folder) -then- you indicate the ‘what’ you’re operating on (Selected Tracks).

I constantly overlook this menu item because it’s so counter-intuitive to Windows.

Works for me… except that ‘from’ should probably be ‘for’ or ‘containing’ or some such. But I can see why you overlook it.

But while we’re on the subject, I dearly wish we had the option in one menu item to…

  1. Create a new group
  2. Route selected tracks to that new Group.
  3. Place selected tracks plus the Group in a new Folder.
  4. Invite me to name the new Group and Folder (with the same name).

Or even to have a combo folder/group track as in Reaper.

Very useful for prepping large mix projects with a gazillion multi miked instruments.

I’d simply like to move a track to a pre existing folder by clicking rather than dragging and scrolling through the project window