Move the events in ms but keep the grid in beats...possible?

I’m doing some track editing now and I’m wondering if it’s possible to move the events in the way that protools Nudge does?

Because I can move them putting the grid in segs instead of bars, but then I lost the grid reference.

Is possible to do this?


Highlight, Ctrl+ arrow keys?

Highlight, ctrl + mouse drag?

moving with the mouse work, but isn’t very fast for editing.

ctrl+ arrow keys move the event using the grid not in ms

Right click the timeline ( where you set the loop ) and set to timecode, seconds or samples… Adjust to 1 ms, 1 sample or one frame in the quantize grid menu on the right…

Highlight, ctrl+ arrows

But doing this the grid reference for bars or beats is lost :frowning:

Learn to use the Project Logical Editor.

So the official response will be “In cubase you can’t do that without create a macro?” :confused:

Well thanks for your help! I will try to do that when I have some time off.


Add a ruler track, set it to beats and bars and the change the timeline to whatever you want.

Or use the mouse wheel on the start position in the info line.

Oh great! thanks, this is more similar to the function I was looking for :slight_smile: