Move the playhead to the start of the next event in time regardless of what track the event is on?

Sort of like how Right and Left arrows work to select the next / previous events on the same track (which moves the playhead to the beginning in Video Follows Edit Mode), is there a way to do this regardless of which track the event is on? So with a keyboard shortcut I could move the playhead from the beginning of an event on Track 1, to the beginning of the next event which is on Track 2. It is possible on Reaper so was hoping it is possible in Nuendo.


with a macro ?
I would try select all tracks (with the project logical editor) then transport next event, deselect all track (not sure that one exists) or maybe at the end of the macro activate / unactivate the Track selection follows event selection.
or activate Track selection follows event selection / select all / transport next event ?
try some of those i guess.