"Move to cursor" glitch

Take a tempo track event from a tempo track with two events on it, select the single dot, move your cursor where you want to move it and hit the hotkey for “Edit - Move to Cursor”. It doesn’t move it to the correct location, regardless of whether snap is enabled. You can “drag” the dot to a location, manually write the location, but the “Edit - Move to Cursor” doesn’t work correctly, and seems like a bug?


Here’s a detailed description of the glitch with photos.

Brand new cubase project, create tempo track. I’ve assigned “move to cursor” to CTRL + L in the key commands menu. Here are the before and after screen shots. You can see in the “before move” picture that my cursor is positioned at 20 seconds, 1 frames, 20 subframes. I select the tempo event and when I hit CTRL+L, one would expect the tempo event to move to exactly where my cursor is, however it doesn’t. It moves to the seemingly random location of 22:16:65, as you can see in the info line in the top left in the “After move” picture.

I notice that the location it moves to seems to be dependent on the speed of the tempo that preceeds it. So maybe it is trying to function in musical mode when really it should be a linear timebase command.

Bars/Beats vs Timecode display mode doesn’t affect it.
before move.JPG
After move.JPG

Not a glitch.

Nope. I tested it. Changing to Bars/Beats doesn’t affect it. It still moves to the wrong location when using the “move to cursor” command.

Hmmm…I guess I can move it to a specific point in bars/beats mode, but don’t see why I can’t do it accurately in time linear mode.

Also, if you move a tempo event backwards it will move accurately in timecode mode. If you move it forward in timecode mode, you get the wacky results…

Your cursor isn’t on a beat.
A tempo track is going to always operate musically (matching to a beat or 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc of it).
You can’t change the tempo mid beat.

Because time is in seconds and beats is in BPM (beats per minute).
You’re trying to conform one time scale to another. They may not perfectly match.

I guess that makes sense and I can live with this.

However, one might argue why cant the tempo change in the middle of a beat? Computers are supposed to be able to do everything :laughing:

Although it might not fall on to a 1/8 note, the computer could divide it to an infinitely high resolution, so its now changing on a 1/128th note, 1/256th not etc etc etc etc