Move to new PC (help with Plugins etc...)

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a bit of help…

I have a new PC, and on my old PC I have some Cubase tracks I would like to open on my new PC.

So, how do I go about:
1: figuring out which plugins were used in the making of said tracks so I can reload the necessary plugins (can’t recall which plugins I used…) - I have heard of “Plugview” is that the way to go, or does Cubase offer built-in function?
2: transferring the files (i/e/ what folders / files do i phyiscally transfer to new PC, and where do I place them in new PC i.e. do I create a new track with same name and dump files for example?)

Any help would be appreciated! This question may have been asked, so a point to the right thread would be awesome!

Cubase Pro 9.5
Windows 10



Hi Oomph,

for every project, you have to do this:
Menu: media > prepare Archive
and then: Menu: File > backup project

That will create a self contained directory for each project, which you could just copy/paste to the new machine.

I don’t know really about the plugins. I have cubase on a laptop and on a desktop, and I switch my projects regularly between them. I just took care that all needed plugins are installed on both machines. Never had a problem with that.

I you made changes to the default media database (for example by assigning * scores to sounds), then you also can copy the media database files to the new machine. They are quite some posts about this in this forum, see for example here :