Move To Origin for video?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but…

Is it not possible to move a video clip to it’s timecode origin position as you can with audio? “Move To Origin” is greyed out when I select a video clip in the timeline. However, Nuendo does read the video’s origin time - it’s displayed in the pool, and its correct.

Currently I have to check the origin time for each clip in the pool, then select the corresponding clip in the timeline and type the origin time into the start time field. Which is pretty tedious when you have >40 clips to place!

Timecode stamped video clips are from a Video Devices PIX-E7 in ProRes 422 LT.

Thanks in advance

It works fine here (N7.0.20 and up). I only have Pix 240 video with DNxHD and Nuendo can’t display it, but it read the TC and positioned it correctly. But it also works fine with Pro Res from various sources.

It would not work if your project starts later than original video TC, but then Nuendo would display a warning. Must be something with the file itself.

Audio apps usually can’t read TC from video, but Nuendo can (Pro Tools can’t). It definitely works.