'Move to Origin' *still* missing from right-click menu

Steinberg, can we PLEASE have the right-click menu back to where it was a couple of versions ago? I’m still missing these features.

Whoever made the decision to take away right menu options should be canned. Seriously.
No one in their right mind would TAKE AWAY making it easier to navigate and quick access for top menu digging. Seriously … I really want to know who was responsible for that one. smmfh.

@The_Elf You mean you don’t like it here? (I’m trying to remember where it used to be…)

You’re right - some of the functions are back, including ‘Move to Origin’ (thankfully! And thank you, Steinberg), but not all. How about move to front/back?

Why can’t we just have it back as it was before someone decided it needed ‘fixing’? :cry:

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But “To front” is also there…

OK, I missed that! Thank you.

But what the heck is it doing up there!?!?! It was always under ‘Move’!

That, I do not know! It also appears if you just click on the little downward arrow in the middle of the overlapping event.

I was a bit gutted when it was first changed, but pretty much everything has been returned one way or another, albeit in different spots.

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