Move To Origin - Where is it???

Where has ‘Move To Origin’ from the right click menu when clicking on audio region is gone? Checked all menus and I can’t find it anywhere, and no mention in the manual.

I’d like to know this too. I had the same issue yesterday.


In the top menu

Edit/Move to/

Best to assign it to a shortcut.Even in the right click menu it wasnt too easy to find

I have it on a keycommand since forever and it still works. So at least it’s there.

Stumbled over missing functions by trying to ‘cut time’, a function I do not use regularly. Didn’t find it in the right click menu and neither in the title bar menus, so I had to add a key command to get it back.

This new, ‘cleaned up’ style needs to be done properly I’d say. Either as an option for the old school style (all functions in right click menu) or at least with a complete set of functions from the title bar. Otherwise a new user doesn’t have a chance to use Cubase to its full potential and even long term users get stuck with rarely used stuff.

I like the new cleaned menus, but I agree it could do with a few more commands added

I think the idea was to remove stuff that’s not applicable for a situation/selection, which is great. But no way should anything applicable be missing!