Move to previous system behaviour change in Dorico 5?

In the attached file, I’m finding that the ‘Move to Previous System’ command is behaving differently in D5 to D4.

In D5, if I select the final note of a bar (say, the final note of bar 4) and press the key command for ‘Move to Previous System’, the System Break that is created is now done so for the following bar (bar 5), and not the bar in which the selection has been made (bar 4). If I select the penultimate note in the bar, then the behaviour is as expected and the bar with the selection in is moved.

I’ve gone back to check this file in D4, and the behaviour there is as I would have expected it - when selecting the last note of bar 4, it is bar 4 itself that is moved to the system above.

Apologies if this is user error of some kind, but thought this was worth flagging in case this is a bug. (I am on 5.0.10, having updated this morning.)

Many thanks, as ever, and congratulations on version 5 - some very useful things in there for me, which are very much appreciated!

Grafton.dorico (953.8 KB)