Move to Related BWF Time Stamp - Limits?

I have a number of wav files with BWF time stamps over 20 hours, which I need to place in a montage at those points. But when I try to do that with “move selected clips to their related BWF time stamp”, the response is “No audio clip has been moved”. If time stamps are within some lower number it works, but I’m not sure what the limit is. And it doesn’t seem the montage time range can be easily extended manually.

Maybe I’m missing something, but if this isn’t possible, can it be added in a future version? Other programs don’t seem to have a problem doing it.

Do you expect the clips to be moved at 20 hours in the time line?

Yes, thanks PG. If I make a new empty montage and add the clips, it of course extends the montage range somewhat, but nowhere near 20 hours. If I try to “move selected clips to related time stamp” it doesn’t work going that far. I’d like for it to move the clips down to those points over 20 hours where they’re timestamped. That seems to work ok in other programs.

I think my workaround for getting this project done in Wavelab is to copy and paste dummy files down to about 19 hours, then insert and move to time stamp my real files. Then remove the dummy files. I believe that should work, but it’s a very awkward way of doing this.

Did you try to make the offset to the time ruler to 19 hours? (I did not try).

My apologies PG. It seems to work fine in 8.5.30. It doesn’t work at all in 8.0.4 with files stamped over about 18 hours though, using my copy and paste method, or by setting the timeline offset much higher. (the result is nothing is moved). Also, thanks for the timeline offset suggestion. I had seen it, but hadn’t realized it was one of the things I was looking for.