Move to "Specific" Folder Request

Hello Cubase - I have seen this request in other threads but thought I would move it to the top of your inbox. I would love the ability to select a track or tracks and move them to a pre-named folder of my choosing. For example, I render a synth track and would like to move it straight away to a folder named Synth Audio, or Basses or whatever. This would speed up my workflow significantly and keep my template organized. I’ve experimented with the project logical editor, but “move track” is not yet an option.

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there is a function in project to move the selected tracks to a new
I use it in a macro to render in place and move the audio files to a new folder and a PLE to rename this folder
here is an example but in french

I guess you’re saying that a bit tongue-in-cheek? But just in case,note that messages in the forum do not go to any kind of staff inbox. An FR sent in a support ticket does.

Thanks Steve - I’m well aware that writing any kind of post here has about as much chance of being read and acted upon by Steinberg as tossing a note into a bottle and throwing it into the ocean. Sometimes you’ve just got to make the effort in order to stay sane! Wish the Cubase guys were as responsive as the Dorico guys who are AWESOME!!

Hi thx for the reply. The macro is great for creating a new folder, but I want to send tracks to an already existing folder. Say I have a folder for all my synth audio tracks and I create a new bit of audio, I just want a shortcut that sends that audio track straight to my “Synth Audio” folder with me having to hold and drag it there.