Move to staff above / below consolidates voices

  1. Select a measure with multiple voices
  2. Run “move to staff below”

My Expected result: notes move to the lower staff, maintaining independent voices
Actual result: notes move to the lower staff, and are consolidated into a single voice

That’s the expected behavior. Instead, Cut, and Paste Special to a different voice.

This seems like an appropriate time to mention that there’s an ambiguity on page 24 of your Beginners’ Guide: you describe Alt+M and Alt+N as being “non-destructive”. I’m not sure that I quite agree.

I’d call it non-destructive because you can keep moving those notes to the next staff with no ill effects. I would call the behavior “additive.”

Hmm. The example that came my way was this, and it’s pretty destructive for the viola stave:

Oh, yeah. Darn them tuplets.

The viola part looks easier afterwards :wink: