Move View Left/Right key commands

In galley view, there seems to be an anomaly with the way move view left/right work. If I have a project with many flows, then move view left/right moves to the previous/next flow beginning. If I have just a few flows, then it moves a screen at a time (this is the behavior I expect). In the many flows case, if the view is in the middle of a flow, then these keys stop working altogether until you drag the score to where the beginning of one of the flows is on screen.

Edit: The behavior seems to also be a function of the zoom level. 200% zoom is moving a screen at a time now.

So is this normal or is there a setting somewhere that defines how move view commands work?

Certainly the behaviour is zoom-dependent: when you’re more zoomed in, it will move left or right a screenful at a time; when you’re more zoomed out, it may start to move a “page” at a time, which in galley view is effectively the previous or next flow.

Daniel, I definitely experienced situations in 2 and 2.1 in which the left/right buttons would get stuck, in Galley View, on particular flows. I’ve not been behind Dorico much since 2.2 was released but I’ll report back if I can find a reproducible case…

That can definitely happen, Leo, particularly in page view and at certain zoom levels. Don’t break your back trying to reproduce it, because we’re already aware.

I’m definitely talking about Galley View. And my osteopath will very happily write me a sick note!

OK. Makes sense. My scores with just a few flows are long flows so the zoom factor must need to be really small to effect a full page move in galley view. So this is consistent.