Move vs Scale automation nodes


Because it’s in different editor, different name, different tool. But I see your point.

No, same “editor” (Automation Tracks). Two tools that does the same thing in contrast to what the manual says. Try it, please.


In the GIFs I can see the Automation Track (in the Project window) and the Controller Lane of the Key Editor. You also wrote it these are two different editors and windows.

Never mind the GIFs.
Look at the link I posted to the manual. These are the two functions I am referring to: Scale Vertically and Move Vertically.

From the manual:



Why do these two tools produce the same result?

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These two do different things and you will get different results. Move realy moves all values by the same amount. Scale Vertically scales it. See attached video, observe especially the most left Velocity value, please.

Screen Recording 2024-05-25 at (200.1 KB)

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Velocity!? But we are talking about Automation Tracks! I have always maintained that it works as it should in the MIDI Key editor, it is on Automation Tracks that it doesn’t. I even linked to the section in the manual about Automation, not editing Velocity or MIDI CC.

Scale, Move Vertically

Try it again on Automation Tracks, please.

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These two tools work exactly the same in the Automation track. I used the Velocity, where you can clearly see the difference between these two tools.

@Martin.Jirsak , please slow down and consider the communications very carefuly.

In your video, you are using MIDI CC AUTOMATION TRACKS.

@mlib in their graphics/videos, are displaying PROJECT WINDOW TRACK AUTOMATION.

And in their latest video, you can clearly see, they are using both tools - but both end up with the same scaled result.


There is no MIDI CC Automation Track in Cubase. There is Controller Lane of the Key Editor.

Later today, I will make a window of the Automation Track.

No they do not. Please watch the video in my above post where I use both Scale and Move Vertically with the exact same result.

Or, you can just watch the video clip I posted above. Can you spot the differences between the two tools?


Please, see my attached video. Can you see the difference between the Scale an Move in the automated parameter? I can, very clearly.

Choosing the Send Level parameter wasn’t really smart because its non-linear scale.

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Should that matter? I don’t know. I’m thinking about it.

Scale vs Move… They are different editing outputs a user could want for various reasons… Should they have to be thinking about whether the automation track they are on is non-linear or linear?

Does it state this? and if this is the case, then take away the scale tool for these non-linear tracks so that it doesn’t appear if not compatible.

This is all, btw, a different topic… but that’s fine. Just pointing it out.

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Visually yes. It might look different, same as you can see on the fader meter.

If you mean the developers… They do. But the user has to know, how to read the visual representation.

Okay but what if the user

A.) Knows it is non-linear
B.) Still wants to graphically scale things
They have a wide range of nodes… they want to scale? Based on hearing, and knowing how it will translate despite the track being non-linear?


There are other tools to form the curve.

I’m not talking about curves.