Move VST insert with automation to another track?

Each time I move a VST insert from one track to another, I lose my automation. Any way around this?

Not sure, but if there’s not a ‘better way’, I think you can ‘copy’ the automation lane before moving it, then paste it back in to the new instance.

  1. Find the automation lane you want to preserve.
  2. Make sure the cursor is at the beginning of the project. Right click the lane and choose ‘select all events’.
  3. Ctrl C to copy it to the clipboard.
  4. Move your plugin.
  5. Find the control lane in the new instance.
  6. Make sure the cursor is at the beginning of the project. Tap Ctrl V to paste it back in.

If you’re dealing with multiple automation lanes…
I’m not sure if you copy and paste several of them in one go or not (Holding ctrl or shift and selecting several lanes). Give it a try.

If not…

Instead of ‘dragging’ to ‘move’ your plugin instance…make a new instance in the slot you want first. Copy and paste lanes one by one. Delete the unused instance.

If it’s something you end up needing often…you could probably build a combination of Project Logical Editors and Macros bound to a key-combo to make it a quick and easy process.

Copying automation is a bit of a nuisance imho. The problem with the above copy+pase method is that unless there is an automation event at the beginning of the project, pasting it on the new automation lane might not put the existing automation events in the place where you’d expect them (the original position) but at the cursor position…
A safer option for copying automation data could be to use the range tool to select the automation you want to copy and then simply ALT+drag’n’drop to the new lane.
But I don’t think there is a better was to copy the plugin to the new insert slot first and then copy the data.
Depending on how many automations you already have, it might be quicker to copy the whole track and then just replace the events in the timeline…

Thanks for the feedback.

This is another fine example of the usefulness of being able to put automation events into a part container (just like midi events or audio events).