Move VST instrument window

After many years using Nuendo, I’m starting to use Cubase. I have 2 display monitors. Can I move the VST/Media Bay window to the right monitor? I’d like main grid and inspector on left monitor and mixer and VST window on right.If so, how? Many thanks

The window that is docked to the right side of the Project Window can not be moved (but you can close it). However both the Media Bay (F5) and VST Instrument (F11) windows can be opened separately as independent windows. These can be moved wherever you prefer.

Thanks so much. I’ll try that. Another question—In Nuendo I could assign a key command to “Export Audio Mixdown”. I can’t seem to find that listed in the Key Commands in Cubase 8.5

Trying to figure out how to close that window that holds the Media bay and VST Instrument. Haven’t been able to do that yet. F5 does bring up the media bay but F11 does not bring up the VST instrument window.

If you type “Export Audio Mixdown” into the Key Commands search bar. it will locate the correct action, then you can assign any key combo. I have it set as Cntr+Num+ because it matches other software that I run.

I found “export audio mix down whole song” and it exported the whole song which I don’t want. I tried adjusting the L and R locators but that didn’t work.

Two ways to close 'em. Use the Windows Layout button (3 little boxes near the upper left) in the Project Window and un-check the racks option. Or use the new (and hated) hover over the right edge of the Project Window to get the rack checkbox.

Not sure why F11 isn’t working as that’s the default. Check your Key Commands to see if it’s changed (the command is in the Devices section). You can also open it from the Devices’ drop-down menu.

The “Export Audio Mixdown” Key Command is in the File section. FYI, there is a search box in the Key Commands dialog box.

Got them closed, thanks. F11 brings up a picture of some kind of volume adjustment related to the IMac, not cubase.

I’ve used the search box many times and can’t find exclusively “Export Audio Mixdown” . It always brought up “export audio mix down whole song”. Easy to find now with your mentioning it’s under the file section. Thanks very much!

Well you could assign it to a different key or just use the menu to access VST Instruments. I mostly use Instrument Tracks and find the only time I need to open VST Instruments is to enable additional audio outs on a VSTi.

Got everything moved around–thanks. I’d like to make the mixer lettering, numbers, track names etc larger. The current “font size” is too small for my old eyes. Is there a way to do this?

Make sure you’re pressing the ‘fn’ key as well as F11 for the key to act as a function, otherwise it will just activate whichever Mac feature the key is assigned to, such as volume or brightness.

No, although it is a popular feature request.