move vst sound content to secondary drive

How can I move entire vst sound content to secondary ssd from drive C ?
and where are default location of vst sound on drive c ?

I´d try the Steinberg library Manager…?

I am afraid I have done a mistake…
I have been originally a Dorico 2 user since <march 2019… Then I uploaded to 3.0 and a month ago to Dorico 3.5
I was missing the sounds from Halion Symphonic Orchestra,
They were listed in the VST possibilities but no way to load them on a instrument track.
I don’t know if this is from the beginning or not because I was not much into the Play Mode issues up to a month ago, since until recently I had not been in need to go beyond HAlion Sonic SE.
I have found a STEINBERG folder in the downloads directory of my Mac dated May 21st which is the day of my upgrade to Dorico 3.5.
There is an Halion Symphonic Orchestra Installer in this folder.
So i have run it. And it seems to have acquired the sounds.
Anyway this is not the problem.
Then the Steinberg Library Manager opened and I did something I have wanted to do for a long time.
That is: to move the libraries to an external drive where I have other libraries (Spitfire) that I am learning to use, and Dorico works fantastic.
Then I opened a project that was supposed to work only with Halion sounds.
It’s a mess, it does not play all of the sounds it is supposed to play during playback and it seems the appropriate Expression Maps are not working as they should. Sounds stop, or play louder, shorter…

I don’t know how to solve that.

Hope I can get some advice, thank you.
Plus, while this happened I was just going to start the download of Cubase Pro 10.5 trial version.
I have not even pushed the button, because I don’t understand if I would be making a much greater mess.