move window plugin that is off screen ?


i have a problem with a monitor that is not powering up.
So i remove it from the window display. But i end up with plugins off screen that i can’t grab and reposition.
is there a way to do that in nuendo ? reset windows… or in window 10 ?
thx for help.

Google is your friend…

hehe yeah i know goole. i found these infos but they don’t work for plugins.
so A/ i don’t have “cascade windows” in my right clic menu … dunno why i have windows10
B/ Shift+right-click the taskbar button and choose the “Move” is not available for plugin windows.

but thx :angry:

Can you reset your screen resolution? That helped me once, and it brought the side of the plugin to the side of the screen. Then I moved it to the middle, and then reset the resolution.

yea… what i do is a remove all screens so all windows poping up are displayed on the main monitor.

[off topic]=but my workflow is this : i have a tempalte with literally thousands of unactive VSTi. They are all rooted and preEqed so when i want a sound rather then creating a kontakt say and search for sound load it then rout it and everything (colors, folders etc) i just “shift + F” the sound i wand and keycommand “activate track” the process is very efficient ! but that means the VSTi opens on the position i once left it. from a computer to another i end up haveing display problems with this window plugin display. sometime a matter of few pixels up down but then all my thousands of unactivated VSTi have to be all reset ! and that’s crazy work.