Move windows that streches over the edge of the screen

Ok, I realize everyone must know this, but I don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere on the internet. :frowning:
If you move a window so it stretches over the top edge and cannot left-click the title bar, how do you move it back down??

Alt+space+M which works outside of cubase does not work.

i mean EVERYONE must have to deal with this every time they work with cubase. Why is the info so hard to find?
…or is it just the search engine on these forums that suck?


Assuming you’re on Windows sheepdog software is probably your best bet. I’ve seen various posts about using the keyboard but didn’t have much luck.

Are these windows opening off screen or are you managing to move them there somehow??
For me the opening off screen got fixed by an Nvidia update and I have never managed to move a window off the top of screen…the mouse hits top and stops so you can always pull it back.

Sorry, but everyone does not have to deal with this. You can’t fix the cause.

It can happen On windows, right click on the desktop, choose a different screen resolution, scale the window then change the resolution back.