Moved project folders around, now song's audio timing is off

So I ran some tests and discovered my 3rd hd is starting to gas out. I moved some Cubase projects off of there and thought everything would be ok once I redirected Cubase to their new locations.

Everything is fine in one of my projects except the audio for the bass line. Its definitely THE bass line, I can hear it, but it seems to be off by like a couple beats or even possibly the tempo has changed. There is audio in other parts of the song that are lined up perfectly. Not sure why just the bass line would be off.

I could try just moving it around and seeing if i can get it to fit but its pretty heavily edited/cut up…would probably have to glue it all together or bounce it out and then try.

EDIT: Does this have anything to do with sample rates or mixed sample rates? I may have created this at 44.1 but now my ASIO soundcard and project is at 48khz. It sounds similar to the disparity that occurs when u switch sample rates but don’t adjust __________. Ugh some of this kinda stuff is greek to me :open_mouth:

Any ideas?


try switching it to 44.1 and see if the bass is in time and everything else is out of time.

Or look at the pool, it has the original samplerate listed for each file.

Yeah I went into the pool and converted all the 44.1’s to 48. There’s still some misalignment but I think I can manage to sort that out.


Is the new project at the same tempo as the one on the old computer?

Sometimes musical mode can cause problems if the tempo changes, the audio becomes elastic!