Moved to a new computer - help

Hello folks
Bit of a mare but I have loaded two music files in a folder that I have moved to a new computer where I keep all my production. All the instruments load up fine but the audio vocal files don’t open up on new computer. Any clues please how I can recover. Don’t have this issue in Reason so wondering what to do please?

Is there a folder with these missing files I may need to copy which could have been placed in the original computer somewhere imbedded in Cuebase C Drive folders?

do you get a missing file error when cubase loads the project ?

Thank you Dr Strangelove that was the solution and found the location. Don’t know why it has to split the files into different folder like this, which is not what I was expecting when you save your work.

This can happen if on importing Audio, if you don’t check the right Checkbox in the Import Options dialog box:


Thank you - I have learned something today.
I have discovered another problem moving to a new computer and its driving me nuts after looking around google.
I have a M-Audio Keyboard. Plays no problem in Reason but in Cusebase when I play a key you can see a signal but no sound. Spent last two hours looking for solutions and everything looks like it is is set up correctly. What could I have missed?

Anything do to with this?

How do you “see” the signal? - I’m asking, because it could mean many things and each of them might point to a different configuration issue.
p.s. The Quick Controls setup is only for rotary dials or faders, not for playing notes - so that’s not part of your issue for now

Thank you for your reply - what I mean is there is a sound bar graphic that goes up as I hit a key (activity in midi). I also mean the on screen keyboard you can’t hear sounds when you touch the keyboard.

Jeez I figured it out - forgot to press monitor speaker (that’s the problem when you work on different DAW’s)

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