Movement Title

I have a 4 movement Woodwind quartet. Each movement has the Tempo and a movement title below the tempo:

(on the water)

Of course the Allegro comes through on all the parts, but the text below (which I created using Shift-x) only comes through on the instruments note (Flute) where I created the text. Is there of creating the text that’s not attached to a note so that all the parts show it?

The Tempo Tool (Shift + T) allows you to create tempo marks easily and as is expected in Dorico (the tempo will show in all parts and will play the score at the right tempo mark).


I understand the Temp Tool. What I need is the Title of the movement that’s just below the Tempo. (On the water)

Oh, right! Then what you need is to create a text box —in the masterpage— right from the Engraving Mode, or just change the text on the one given by the title.

I misspoke. It’s not 4 movements, it’s 1 movement with 4 different tempos at various measures. At those measures I need a title below each Tempo. On the score, it’s fine but it does not reflect in the individual parts.

You can create multiple tempo marks (as a work-around), the second an eighth-note hash after the first and set to the same beats-per-minute as the real tempo mark.

These will display in all parts, but you will have to position each individually in Engrave mode. Depending on the number of parts, that could be a minor hassle, but re-positioning is less of one than creating separate text boxes for each section of each part.

Thanks. I did that but I wanted to make the text smaller and couldn’t figure out how or if it’s at all possible. Thats why I wanted to use Shift-X because I could control the text size.

We will add the ability to create a system-attached text object that will appear in all layouts soon, hopefully in the next update (though it is not yet implemented).

Will this have options to be pinned to a bar (left or right), centred (or left or right) on the page, staff etc?

No, it’ll be attached to a rhythmic position in the same way that existing staff-attached text items are, with options for alignment relative to that rhythmic position. If you require page alignment, use a text frame. We intend to make it easier (or indeed possible) to copy text frames between layouts in due course, too.

It would be nice to have an option for the text NOT to break multibar rests…

Agreed, fratveno. In musical theatre it’s common to include snippets of dialogue as system-attached text objects. Where these appear at the end of a multi-bar rest it would be required to align them to the right of the multi-bar rest rather than splitting it up.

Daniel, what I would need the most would be a text frame pinned to a flow or system, but centred (or right, left) on the page. Is there any way that that could be an option for staff-attached text?

We don’t intend to make it possible to attach text frames to particular points in the music, I’m afraid. But we may be able to provide some special alignment features for text items that will automatically position them at the edge of the frame.

Am I missing something else or another way to add text pinned to a staff but aligned on the page?

No, there’s no way to add text that is aligned to the page at the moment except by way of a text frame, which obviously is not attached to a particular point in the music.