MoveX, MoveY and Resize midi tools automatically default to multiselect mode

When editing midi events, pressing the MoveX, MoveY, or Resize button automatically enables multiselect mode (i.e., the Select button is enabled automatically). I’m seeing this behaviour on, but I’m guessing it was introduced (perhaps intentionally) in 3.5.

I think for the user this behaviour is more confusing than helpful. In particular, it’s very frustrating having to repeatedly disable a toggle button you did not yourself enable (for example, when making independent adjustments to the position or length of several events).

It’s not a high priority issue, but I would prefer to have the previous behaviour where the Select button state is wholly managed by the user.

Hi @jnetiq,

Below please find a few more questions about our engineering:

Just to clarify, do you mean that when in Draw mode, you would expect that activating one of the tools (velocity, length, move x/y) does not switch from Draw to Select mode, but stay in Draw mode? If that were the case, there would be a conflict because in Draw mode, tapping an empty area and sliding to the right draws a note, whereas a tool might move the note or change its length. Would you expect that Draw mode with an active tool doesn’t draw a note but controls the tool? In that case, the only advantage of keeping Draw mode active would be that you wouldn’t have to switch back from Select to Draw mode after using a tool. Is that what you mean?


My issue is that when I am editing midi notes in an event, if I select either the duration, position, or pitch tools in the left-hand menu, the (multi)select button in the top menu is automatically enabled. This was not the case in 3.4.

As a result, if I adjust the length of one note, then select the next note I want to adjust, the first note remains selected, so any changes to the second note would affect the first.

This automatic enabling of the multiselect button happens each time I switch between note adjustment tools, which means I am regularly having to toggle multiselect mode off (since I mostly adjust notes individually).

I"m not sure whether this was an intentional change from 3.4 (perhaps automatically enabling multiselect was considered a usability enhancement), but for me automatically toggling the select button on each time I select a different note adjustment tool is an unwanted annoyance.

I would like to add the following. Up until today I’ve been using the beta version of the application which I switched to to validate the fix for the “notch” issue that was introduced in 3.5. To be sure that the above issue is also present in the public version I uninstalled the beta and reinstalled the public version. What I didn’t realise and wasn’t warned about was that this would also delete all my Cubasis projects and audio files.

Hi @jnetiq,

Thanks for the additional feedback which has been shared with the team.


Hi @jnetiq,

Thanks for your updated message.
Below please find the feedback from our engineering:

Thanks a lot for the detailed report, now I know what you mean. We hadn’t thought of this case and I fixed the bad behaviour for the next update.

Sorry to hear that you uninstalled Cubasis and lost your data. But Android should present you with the option to “Keep app data” before deleting any app. Unfortunately that’s the only failsafe there is. By the way, the Cubasis help mentions this at FAQs under “If I delete Cubasis, do I lose all of my work?”, but of course, who reads this before uninstalling an app.


Hi Lars,

Thanks for the feedback - looking forward to the next update!

About the data, it’s not a disaster because most of the important projects were backed up.

I was indeed expecting there would be a prompt giving me the option to save existing data, but maybe this isn’t the case for beta versions. Anyway, I’ll make sure to keep even more comprehensive backups :slight_smile:

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