Movie Resolution Track

I made this short track and thought it sounded like music from a movie right after the climax when everyone is starting to walk home…

Hello Jay, I wasn’t able to play this track; soundcloud suggested it may have been removed. Please try posting it again, and I’ll listen and comment!

Thanks - I redid the guitar and reposted it and it has a new link. I fixed the link so please try it again…

Any thoughts? The more I hear it, the more I like it!

Hi Jay, I listened to it, and it does indeed sound like it was meant to play over movie credits. Nicely done. I would comment that the bass drum is a bit dominant and unchanging throughout; maybe you want to lower that a little? Just a thought.

Thanks. I am thinking of this as a sketch so this kind of feedback is great. I’ll remix it and add some new ideas…

nicely done!
I liked the horns and the atmospheric intro… the claps at the end might be better if they were reverbed/pushed back a bit. just a thought as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Masoomi - good point about the handclaps. They are a part of the drum sample and I will eventually fix that and some reverb (back in the room) will be great.